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Daim 6 years

This picture is 6 years ago… Daim is running around in his breeders house in Sweden… Today Daim turns 6 years old and I wonder where this time has passed! It has gone so fast! He just became a proud father for the third time. Daim was actually my first Dalmatian and he is the one that I have been around the world the most with. He came fourth at Crufts 2006 among the Junior dogs. That was an adventure I will never forget! We drove from Sweden to Birmingham, England (GBR) and entered the biggest dogshow in the world. It was just amazing!

He is just a happy amazing dog!!!

I was at ABWA meeting yesterday and it was just awesome. We had a vendortable and it was really successful. A lot of networking and some new clients. People was asking a lot of question and that was so fun! I will go into Dallas tomorrow to have some private classes and I am looking so much forward to it 😀

The puppies had their dewclaws removed today. The vet thought they were really good looking and healthy! Co-Co thought it was so much fun going in the car. She just loves that!

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Autions and pupps

The auction last night was fun but cold. Mom got a big cold and has been in bed all day 😦 We got pretty much from the auction. Stuff that we will use for the Dogresort. A computer, a printer and an officechair. Then we also got 4 bags of horsefeed for the price of 1. That was a bargin!!! Our pillows was sold for $30.00 each…

All puppies are still going just great. Eight puppies is a pretty good number. It is still manageable… (is that a word?) They are almost the same size and having four boys and four girls makes it easy. I think most of them are liver spotted (brown spots)

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Daimilus E-litter

Co-Co delivered 8 healthy puppies this morning! She started at 2 am and was done 7:30 am! Four boys and four girls, all healthy and doing great. One of the girls has a brown patch. They are sooo cute all of them and Co-Co is such a proud mother!

Co-Co’s breeder sent me this picture. It is Co-Co with her mother Britney when Co-Co was three days old 😀

And Daim is a very proud father. This is his third litter

Tonight is the Terrell Chamber of Commerce annual auction. It will be a lot of fun. Hope that you are coming too!

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Prep for tomorrow

Just some pictures from the setup to the Auction tomorrow… we donated two pillows 😀

Did you know that if you put shoes on a table in Sweden, it means death in family… I really hope that it is not the same here because then it might not be a fun night…

Hope that you have tickets and we will see you there tomorrow!!!! Looking forward to a fun evening!

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A lot but nothing

The days are filled up with a lot of stuff right now but nothing interesting to tell… I have been helping Prospect Mountain with their book keeping for a couple of days. I went and did a poly graph test for a job today and passed that! So I am not a lier nor a criminal 😀 I really don’t have anything to hide or lie about so it wasn’t that hard but you get nervous anyway…  We are waiting for the money for the loan for the dogresort and been promising them on Monday, finally!!!! Then the work with ordering everything and all that kind of job starts. It has been a couple of days of just waiting and we couldn’t do anything.

Hershey is in heat and Co-Co is getting bigger and bigger. She is due next Wednesday but I think she will give birth on Tuesday. She delivered the day before lasttime too and that is also the puppies fathers (Daim) birthday! Gosh, he is already 6 years old!!! Time flies!

Terrell Civic Auction is coming up on Saturday. Mom and I will help them decorate tomorrow. It will be fun. Hope to get some good pictures at least. We are donating two pillows with embroidery on.  I have no clue what to wear thou… I guess I will have to figure that out…

The tractor is broken too… have to go and get diesel and get it to the doctor. It is still under warranty. It is the aircondition that isn’t working 😦

Well, hope to be back on Sunday with some fun pictures!

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